The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of several different data sources we checked online such as the jobs done, the location of the hacker, time of job delivery, number of jobs handled weekly, rating on the deep web and comments by people who regularly hired, etcetera.

A hacker that scores 80% or higher are in general safe to hire with 100% being very safe. Still we strongly recommend to do your own vetting of each new listed hackers by checking their feedback before hire.
All the information we collected to review the hackers you can find on the remainder of the page. We hope it will help you determine if our reviewed hackers are professionals and safe to use.

The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of several different data sources we checked online such as the jobs done, the location of the hacker, time of job delivery, number of jobs handled weekly, rating on the deep web and comments by people who regularly hired, etcetera.
Please take out time to also visit leave comments about the services you got from our listed hackers at our WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT US

section. We read every comments on this section, you can comment using a fictitious name if you want to stay anonymous. Your feedback counts and matters so much to us and helps us to do continuous assessment of our listed hackers for the sake of new users.

51 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Some hackers here seem faster than others in response to requests. Though my job was delivered as stipulated, i would prefer all hackers respond to request immediately. Truth be told, in the end, job delivery is 100% as i have seen.

    1. Thank you hackers review. Who ever brought this idea is a genius, it was really going to be impossible for me to graduate from my program as I have continually failed 2 courses since my first year which were core courses. My friend Trish introduced this site to me and before I know it my grades were changed now I have just a month left to graduate. Thank you for the perfect job.

  2. Thank you for bringing this platform “hackers reviews” to us. It has made hacking and awareness much easier for the first timer.

  3. Thank you hackersreviews for saving my business…among my employees in my production company i had two of my workers who knew the secrets of my production which made my product stand out and has become the best in my city here in New orleans. I let them into my trade secret because i trust them and also to keep the production line on going when ever am out of town to oversee my new branch office. Our relationship grew so well till before i knew it one of my major rival started producing exactly my kind of ice cream you could hardly differentiate both. this got me thinking as i believed i have been sold out. LUCKILY FOR ME i got this site. the hackers requested for the emails, whatsapp numbers and all other information i had of these staff, lo and behold in less than 24 hours this hacking team helped me hack their accounts and it was found out that both sold out my trade secret. they have since been made to face the law and pay full damages. thank you hackersreviews for saving my business.

  4. I have found hackers review 10 times valuable for finding smart and legitimate hackers, with admin followup and ensuring job is done

  5. This is a very good site, the hackers are exactly what i have searched for. The cost i feel was fair for the quality of job i got.

  6. I was skeptical at first because the hacker i worked with was 30 minutes late in replying me first message, and when he asked me to make some deposit, I was even more afraid because I didn’t want to part with money without a better guarantee in delivering the job. But I decided to take the risk and it was worth it. I must say he was very smart in handling the job, even when the target prove hard to catch. He gave me everything I needed to win the case. I will advise admin to create some kind of escrow for both the hacker and people hiring, because a lot of people have trust issue. If I didn’t decide to take the risk, I would have lost the case. Thanks for this initiative, I will also advice you put up a support link where people can make donations to the site for your initiative and to keep the website running

    1. Thanks @MacCarthy. First I will appreciate you for you suggestions.
      Please note that for any hacker hired here,I am the moderator and follow up every job you hire them to do, to ensure your job gets completed. If your job is delayed unnecessarily or you aren’t satisfied, you have a right to ask for REFUND and we have a 100% REFUND POLICY.
      I know a lot of people have trust issue, but this is it, if you don’t try, how will you get result. I’m glad you tried and got the needed satisfaction.
      Also, for support and how the site run. I am working a page to handle that. To keep this site running and employ more staff to respond to personal request sent to the admin and resolve issues with the hackers and those hiring if the need arise. Watch out for more updates and you can send admin a personal message if you want to support us in keeping the site running.

  7. I find hackers review to be quite an attractive way to help people seeking to find the truth about their cheating partners, the listed hackers are very helpful. The connections help the hackers get their jobs done

  8. Several problems with the last random hacker i ran into: delays, undue cost, and never providing solution; all these made me searched for better hands. This site has proved beyond all doubts that true hackers still exist.

  9. Very helpful and excellent site. It Helped me with my project in phone hacking very easy. I will again work with you guys . Highly Recommended!!

  10. outstanding hackers quality, fast easy and simple to access. A great layout allows me to navigate to whoever i want or need to contact with ease. The quality of job and cost are commendable, I really recommend this to all people in need of a quality hacking services.

  11. I tried using this site and i contacted all hackers on the site and each had its own prize for every job. one would have thought there would be a unified rate. cant something be done about this?

  12. The site is great, fast response to request and easy to locate a hacker. The only problem i have is cant i see the hacker am hiring in a video call or any other way?

  13. Nice platform for communicating with hackers and understanding what you will get before the job gets done. It was difficult to know who to hire as i am new to hiring a hacker. This is a very healthy way to hire a loyal and discreet hacker

  14. Admin please do well to review more hackers here so we have a broader option to choose from because with the quality of services i see here soon these few hands would be over boardened.

  15. i am so excited to make this true confession. some times back i needed to retrieve my lost twitter account where i had invested almost everything i have to attain the followers i have, it really gave me edge over my competitors in business… i believe so much that my major competitors hacked my account for envy sake. For over 6 months i searched for a purposeful hacking team i could trust with my money to help me retrieve this account but all attempts ended up in futility. At the verge of giving up i stumbled on this site and believe it my friend before i could say jack i was given access to my account not only that but they also helped me secure the account so it cant be hacked in future. i dont know how you guys did it please keep it up, you saved my life. Thanks a lot, you guys are the BEST.

  16. I hate deceit this is why i have taken out this time to specially thank for a perfect phone hack after the previous people i contacted deceived me… my spouse was cheating on me all i needed was that raw proof to confront her, the guys i met earlier almost ripped me off my life savings till i was bold enough to tell my best friend who led me to this site… i am glad i got results from the little money i spent… if only i met you guys earlier, thanks you so much.

  17. Your site is a great help for people like us who want to get connected to trusted hackers, especially when you are a new breed in the hacker for hire market

  18. Apart from my job being delivered by my hacker, he also allowed me time to get my cash ready before we actually started. i first made inquiry about this site a month before i could eventually hire the hacker. thank you for your time

  19. I have always accessed this site using my Pc,since i started working i hardly have the time to use my pc. i wish the admin reads this and allow me access to his private mobile as i have a suggestion.

  20. Hello sir, i am a hacker and i desire to be enlisted on your site as i love to associate with good stuff. How do i go about this, are there special fees i need to pay?

  21. I would never had known that slot has to be put into a simple hacking just to arrived at the outcome. Thank you admin for granting me the privilege to see all these fully explained to me, am sorry for ever doubting you. The world needs more people like you.

  22. The hackers on this site are pretty expensive, for a week now I have pleaded with one hacker to cut down price but he insist he needs it for quality job delivery. I don not doubt you but you have to help me as am Just a student and I really need this job done, it’s my life. Admin please help.

  23. Khalid always seems to be there to help! Wonderful experience working with him. Am sorry admin i have to mention his name,from my experience he is good.

  24. i want to thank the coordinator of this platform and the hackers here especially the one i worked with, i was allowed to make payment in two installments without breaking my promises this i still find unbelievable . the hacker kept his promise, wow !!! am impressed.

  25. this is a beautiful platform to truly meet real hackers as i have found out myself. my experience is one i will love to have over and over again. thanks you all.

  26. The response has become slow recently after my last visit to this site. I think, it is because of the traffic your website is getting, please try to list more hackers. Administrator please do something.

  27. I never write any review/comment or even complain about any site whatsoever because i feel its time wasting… But this site is one of the best site you,family and friends would want to have to solve any hacking need, this is the best for me personally. I have used this site for 3 years now and i have never been disappointed not even once, i give you guys a 10 star rating. Just to add having more hands here would be just fine.

  28. Thank you hackers reviews for helping me hack my husbands phone, i now have full control over his phone and i see all the activities going on in his phone. i forgot to ask, if my husband decides to change his mobile will i still have access? please let me know because am really enjoying this.

  29. I dont like this site because its rather a bit expensive for students like me but i have heard of your good works, please can poor students like me get help?

  30. I have more than 5+ years of hacking, programming and working on complex software designing experience. I have designed my own operating system in C# as a hobby project during my undergrad studies, done more hacking than you could imagine. I have knowledge of wide range of technologies and programming language including (but not limited to) C#, C/C++, Assembly (x86, MIPS, ARM), Python, Backend Design, REST, Android, Unity. I am good in algorithms & data structures and can write very efficient code, but I was trying to hack into the credit bureau and change my score, but had several issues until I contacted one of your listed hackers who made the job seem like it was nothing and delivered in record time. These guys are really very good. I can also do some hacking, but not so good with stuffs
    like credit score and criminal record removal.

  31. I have been to many different sites and in the deep web but didnt know how to go about hiring a hacker. Now that i have connected with hackers review i have a lot more information and choices when it comes to hiring a hacker.

  32. Admin is it possible you direct me on whom to hire as i seem not to be able to reach the hacker i was chatting with before, he is no longer on this list and i am ready to make payment for the job we discussed please this is very important to me.

  33. Hello admin, please publish this. I specially recommend this hackers review site to ALL who seek the services of a TRUE HACKER because i have used them and am going to inform all my friends who also need the services of a hacker at one point or the other in their lives. I am sincerely delighted at their level of professionalism and prompt response to distress call at surprisingly affordable rate.

  34. Please admin can you tell me the best hacker here i should use for a phone hack that would give me the best result because i am new here.

  35. This website isn’t as fast as it was anymore. I had sent messages to listed hackers for more than 3 hours now, no one wants to take my job. i am not comfortable with this limited numbers of hackers on the list… please review more qualified hackers. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Thanks for always using the hackers reviews website, we apologize for delay in picking up your job, yes it is true that demands are high and thus the delay in responses from how listed hackers. You will agree with me that it will be better to have one or two listed hackers professional hackers that can get the jobs done than to hack a bunch of unprofessional and unskilful hackers. The process of reviewing and listing hackers isn’t so easy and we are working on bringing more professional hackers to be listed on the site. Thanks and please be assured you will get a response as soon as they are done with the jobs they are handling

  36. I’ve used hackers review a couple of times now for assistance and they have been fantastic. Delivers on time and fully responds to queries. Highly recommend and will use them again.

    1. You have to send a personal message using the contact button and we will connect you with a hacker that can teach you. But put in mind that no one teaches for free

  37. i have used this site before and have even introduced 2 of my friends who are still grateful today. i have another job right now but i wish to deal will the admin personally because i feel i merit some level of discount this time.. Admin please i await your reply.

    1. Please always send a personal message using the contact us button for fast reply. We do appreciate your recommendations and we will always do our best to serve you better. Regards

  38. I have used this site before and I know the worth, but I will appreciate if the moderator of the site discuss with the hackers about their prices. The prices are a bit steep

  39. I never knew IELTS exams could be hacked !!! Poor me, I spent about 3 years of my life trying to pass the exam yet I was always below my expectation.. I ran into hackers review site on YouTube and I decided to give it a try. Low and behold results just came out and I made band 8.5. I can’t hide this feeling, finally I can go to my dream country Canada..

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