How to Prevent Email Hacking

I get dozens of emails every day asking me to hack into their partner’s email account for they suspecting them to be cheating. I also get contacted when peoples email accounts get hacked by their friends or partners.

Remember one thing, For the most part, when your email account gets hacked, it’s more likely because of your ignorance and not because of something Email service provider had any involvement of. Believe it.

At first, it seems impossible since you know that using a strong password, enabling 2-factor authentication and following basic security checklists will essentially make your email account immune to penetration and if at all it is possible to hack email, you will conclude that it’s a very challenging job to do for an average person without any computer security knowledge.

But is it easy and straightforward? No. However, if your attack is cleverly planned even the most informed user will fall for it.

Apart from basic computer knowledge, Email hacking requires creativity and most importantly, Patience.

Humans are the weak link in all security systems and hackers exploit the same weakness.

To address the above issue in this post, I have tried my best to explain in detail four fundamental methods on how to hack an email.

So let’s begin with the Effective techniques used by any professional email hacker.

Although there are several other modern ways to hack email accounts which are mostly used by hackers targeting high-value users, they all boil down to the below mentioned four fundamental techniques.

4 Practical ways to hack email password in 2020

  1. Phishing attack
  2. Installing Spy App
  3. Password guessing/resetting
  4. Man in the Middle Attack

Let’s admit it almost all of us use Gmail as an email service, and a considerable amount of people access email on smartphones using the Gmail app.

Decade-old phishing attacks aren’t active these days because of strong security awareness and features of email providers such as 2-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, etc.

Unless you can carry out highly sophisticated phishing attacks that can bypass SMS 2FA, It is not feasible to hack username and password.

It is high time we need to discuss advanced mobile phishing attacks that can take care of multifactor authentication and take control of the victim’s email account. But before we jump on it, let’s start with capturing keystrokes with Spy apps first.

So to hack someone’s Gmail account, it’s critical that we hack or take control of their smartphone. One way to do it is by installing a “spy app” on their smartphone that will record everything they do on their phone, including typed passwords.

1. Using Spy App – Hack into someone’s email without their password

The basic idea behind the Spy app is that its a piece of code that needs to be installed on your target device and when successfully installed, it records everything that is typed on the keyboard or any other activity like calling, browser history, social media activity, etc.

This is the most straightforward technique used by hackers to steal their victim’s sensitive details, such as email passwords or credit card details. However, you either need physical access to the device or if the target device is not accessible, you need to convince your victim to install the spy app by any means.

Spying on Smartphones

Hacking into someone’s email account does not essentially require you to know or change their passwords. You could hack their account and read sent & received emails, their contacts, etc. without the need for password reset.

With a spy app, you can hack into someone’s email without their password. The spy app that we at hacker9 recommend is called mSpy. Apart from email hacking, mSpy can log phone calls, spy on text messages, WhatsApp monitoring, log passwords, etc. and most importantly, it is compatible with both Android & iPhone.

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