Warning signs

  • You are unable to log in to your computer or mobile device, or your email, social media and other online accounts.
  • You notice new icons on your computer screen, or your computer is not as fast as it normally is.
  • Files on your computer have been moved or deleted.
  • Pop-up boxes start appearing on your computer screen. These may offer to help ‘fix’ your computer, or a simply have a button that says ‘close’.
  • You have an unexpectedly large phone data or internet bill.
  • You notice that amounts of money go missing from your bank account without any explanation.
  • You suspect that your mobile phone number has been ported without your consent, after you notice that your phone is showing ‘SOS only’ where the reception bars usually appear.

NOTE: There are other ways you will be hacked without you knowing. Please and please mind who you hire as a hacker, mind the website you visit and download application from the app website or app store.. Here, we display only people ethical hackers and must pass our hacking test. If anyone one contact you, saying that we verified him or their group, please use the contact button to communicate with us.
The only people verified by us are the ones on this site, we will continuously write a review about them, based on your feedback sent to us. We will also add more verified hackers as we get more ethical and smart hackers.


Protect Yourself


  • Always keep your computer security up to date with anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a good firewall. Only buy a computer and anti-virus software from a reputable source.
  • Use your security software to run a virus check if you think your computer’s security has been compromised. If you still have doubts, contact your anti-virus software provider or a computer specialist.
  • Secure your networks and devices, and avoid using public computers or WiFi hotspots to access or provide personal information.
  • Choose passwords and PINs that would be difficult for others to guess, and update them regularly. Do not save them on your phone or computer.
  • Do not open attachments or click on links in emails or social media messages you’ve received from strangers – just press delete.
  • Be wary of free downloads and website access, such as music, games, movies and adult sites. They may install harmful programs without you knowing.
  • Do not use software that auto-completes online forms.