About Hacker Reviews

Hackers Review is a website that is made for everyone who seek to find loyal, legitimate and professional hackers. Hackers Review site will help you find a legitimate, discreet, loyal and professional hackers in seconds.

     I started this review 13 years ago when I was looking for a professional hacker for hire and got scammed, I thought I was alone in this until I created an online discussion forum to hear about people’s experience with good hackers, amateur hackers and of course scammers posing to be hackers, then I realized I was not alone in the search, we all need hackers at some point to do some stuff for us. In the cause of my findings I realized a lot of people have also suffered either been scammed or put in trouble. Thus the need to create this Website Hackers Review, to help people get smart hackers in seconds and save  a lot of people from getting scammed or getting into trouble. 

   In the course of my research, I met a techie guy who introduced me to the deep web and taught me how to know a legit hacker, there I got some real good contact with some smart, genuine and loyal hackers.

But the issue is, not everyone can access the deep web and even if you get into the deep web, how do you know a legitimate and loyal hacker. That is the need for the  hackers review site.

The reviews are based on people’s experience in the discussion forum I created and and reviews from the people who have hire through this site.

The hackers listed here, have been screened before listing them on Hackers Review site, to keep the site’s credibility intact.


The rating of the #1 professional hackers we display here are based on reviews from the thousands people who joined in my discussion forum  and those who hired from this platform daily. When hiring any hacker from our Hackers Review site, please indicate that you got their information from “Hackers Review” website and do please write us back when you have a successful and a completed job done for you, to enable us do more rating (Write us the name of hacker hire, your job request, time of request and time job got completed)

If you have any problem with any of the hackers displayed here like; jobs being delayed or not completed at the scheduled time, please do not fail to contact us to enable take appropriate action and keep this site going with only disciplined and professional hackers.

The comment box is also a good place to write a review about your hired hacker

NOTE: If you have had any bad experience with any hacker you hired here or elsewhere, write us using the CONTACT form , we will publish it, to save others from having same experience and we will protect your identity


If you are new to hire a hacker click HERE to hire professional hacker online.

Take the advantage and hire professional hackers here by clicking HIRE A VERIFIED HACKER. Please do not fail to write a review about the hacker you hire by sending us a review using the contact button, to enable us update our rating weekly.

PLEASE NOTE that you have the right to ask for refund if your job gets delayed more than necessary.

If you don’t want to pick anyone from the list yourself and you want us to pick a hacker for you, we will charge you a service fee of 50 USD, otherwise you can pick any of the displayed hackers and it is totally free


If you are a hacker and think you are good, send us your CV(with proofs of all the jobs you have done) and contact details, using the CONTACT button, so that we can give you some test, if you pass our verification test, we will put your details in our website for hire.

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